May 29, 2023

Welcome to my first story about Detective

4friends went to pool party at hotel. First they ate then they went to pool for doing party. Waiter is serving cold drinks to all. Manager see for no one has any problem.

But suddenly he saw one person fall into swimming pool all of want to help him but nobody knows how to swim. Then 4th friend is died. Now manager call to police and detective for investigation, detective and police came and they asking question how it is happened. Detective directly go towards 1st friend and asked :- did you killed your friend
And 2nd friend said :- no, no, sir he didnt killed him because we are friends
Detective said :- am I asking question from you
2nd friend said :- no sir
Detective said :- then why you replied
He got silent
Detective said :- come to my room one by one because I want to ask some questions from you all
Then 1st friend go to room
Detective ask question :- what happened that time
1st friend said :- sir we was doing party and waiter serving coldrinks and manager watching all of us then I heard a voice of my friend and I saw my friend was drowning and I’m not able to help him.
Detective said its OK I will find real criminal
And one by one people went to room and all of them said same statement except waiter because waiter said :- when he was drowning I went to get a cold drink.


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